On the Kitchen Floor

by Bridget Barkan

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A live performance at one of my favorite spots in my hometown of NYC that is recently deceased, The Bowery Poetry Club. I was a part of the amazing ongoing event Symphonic's, led by genius, gentle soul, Shawn Randall. This was the first time I performed this piece, digging into my poetry roots to capture the story of a moment where love was simmering in my heart and how sometimes when you get just one taste of it, it stays with you forever.


On the Kitchen Floor

Verse 1
The candle burns down, leaving nothing left
but the memory of
the smoke and the ash
the scent of a fire that had its day, had its way with us
there was something in that room with us, that wasn’t us
When i think of u
I want nothing more
When i think of u
Im right there on the kitchen floor
Verse 2
When it was fresh, when it was new
when we were cool, nothing to undo
no residue just possibilities
when we were hungry, when it was lovely
the plate was empty, and u fed me
who needs the bedding, lets stay here all night
tell me everything from the beginning
skin like the water was boiling, hot and bubbly
we all cuddly
two children spinning
touch of the dizzy
this is what i call good living
rice in the bag, oil in the pan
fresh fruit from the stand
we had patience, laughter and chance
a slow dance, a flow like damn
no answers to be questioned
just let the whirl wind, just let the world spin
just let your girl in now i got hand fulls of ash


Verse 3
Tell me why ur heart stopped
and what i can do to make it start up
light up the flame sparks
fly, inspirations aligned in our chart
how cld we refrain
when we both starved
both carved into this parkay
a holy land or a grave
for a love that will die a slave
to the flame
that was home made, for u
I battled brave
Now i see u eating from another tree
and I wonder if it tastes as good as me
when the fruits not fallen
from branch that ain't broken
when the story ain't rotten from the beginning
and everything seems to go as planned
is it a love like that, do you have a love like that
I never had a love like that
Just hand full’s of ash

If there was one moment you could relive over and over again
and that could be your heaven
what would it be, where would you go
who would see, what would u show
I'd run to my mama after a long summer away
id soak in the spotlight on the stage
id dance in mexican rain
i'd lay right there with you on the kitchen floor


released July 22, 2013



all rights reserved


Bridget Barkan Brooklyn, New York

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